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People Management in 15 minutes

People management
in 15 minutes

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People management
in 15 minutes


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People management
in 15 minutes


Multicultural teams
Multinational companies
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In 10 languages

CWAT Colour-Word Association Technique

People management
in 15 minutes

Colour-Word Association Technique

Answering just by colours
No education barrier
No position/experience limitation

25 years of experience

CWAT sensor Finger Time

For Managers
and HR Professionals

Use our application and measure emotions and attitudes to your working environment. Improve your business outcome in just 15 minutes!

Individual, team, company

Use our application and get the results of individuals, teams and the whole company.

Customize the content - put your terms and activities and find out the specific associations and attitudes.


Use our application in the most familiar language. Measure in one language - get the result in other.

Colour-Word Association Technique

Use our application based on the unique Colour Word Association Technique - enables answering by colours instead of words or numbers. More than 25 years experience, patented.

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